A 23-year-old with access to a laptop and internet connection (a dangerous combination). No degree in writing but a passion for it and the subjects I write about seems to get me by.
Here on The Allure Lifestyle you will find a range of topics and discussions in Beauty, Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle.
Having studied marketing, makeup, fashion styling, and being an avid traveller not to mention being dangerously accomplished in running my bank account dry with above mentions, I feel like I am more than qualified in what I love to blog about.

Fashion inspiration, travel diaries, general reviews and discussions about all things fashion, beauty and vacation related are what youll find on this blog. Every now and again I may get sentimental and talk about life and more personal topics, but I am not one to get mushy often (cold hard, soulless woman, kidding… maybe).

My main aim here is to help women (and some men) feel inspired to live an alluring lifestyle, feel confident with their style, beauty and purchase decisions and gain insight and inspiration from my little space here on an electrical run online platform occupied by 3.2 billion people (the internet).

You can also find me on Youtube and Instagram depending on your preferred platform of inspiration.

Happy reading/viewing!

Allure noun
Definition: The quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.
Synonyms: attraction, lure, glamour, temptation and enchantment

Reference: Google.com