Discovering Sicily in Milan with Dolce & Gabbana

Some would say the greatest inspiration comes from exploring the great unknown and seeing and experiencing things foreign to you, but for Domenico Dolce, there is no place like home.

It is true what they say, inspiration and creativity can be found anywhere and at times in the most unlikely of places.

I am sure it’s no surprise to you I’ve been lacking in my own creativity department recently, my last post was almost three months ago but as I was editing and adjusting the photos for this blog post I realised that this dress deserved something so much more.

Originally this was going to be nothing more than a generic ‘what I wore for my birthday’ post but no wonder I kept prolonging the publish, I unconsciously wanted to delve a little deeper. Dolce and Gabbana is anything but generic so why should this blog post be?

I officially fell in love with Dolce and Gabanna in Italy (before then I would have called it more of an infatuation).
Coming home and unpacking my belongings and recent purchases from my European adventure made it very obvious to me that D&G had captured my heart… and not to mention I had some repeated offenses in the luxury store.

I first met Dolce and Gabanna where Dolce met Gabanna, in Milan the city notoriously known for fashion and designers creatively flowing through the streets.

My first in store purchase in the flagship store in Milan was this floral printed midi dress inspired by the painted pottery of Sicily, a well known Italian tradition and a city close to Domenico’s heart.

Often we look for an answer in life or an idea with a plane ticket in hand and a list full of things to see and do in cities all around the world. It is no lie that many believe travelling is the best way to spark a light in you but after this blog post, I am not so sure.
If Domenico can find inspiration right at home from a thousand-year-old tradition there is no reason I or you can’t find it exactly where we are right now.
Some argue it takes a special person to be able to look at a vase and create an iconic line of clothing but I beg to differ.
Creativity and ideas lay dormant in all of us, it’s a matter of reawakening ourselves and strengthening the muscle that provides us with unlimited ideas and creativitity.
I have to admit I don’t have all the answers on how to to go about this or a step by step guide (wouldnt it save alot of soul searching if I did?!) but I believe it starts with knowing there is beauty and inspiration all around you.

I certainly won’t look at my kitchenware or any vase around my house the same again.

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