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While on my vacation in the Gold Coast a few weeks ago I stumbled across the Lip Lab counter which I was very excited to see! I have heard a thing or two about this incredible business which has only been up and running for a few years and was so ecstatic to dive in and have my very own unique lipstick made, that I walked right up with no understanding of the process but so ready to go along on the 30-45 minute ride.

The Lip Lab offer custom-made lipsticks and as of March 27th 2017 customised foundations- say whaaaat? Foundations that are for all skin types, paraben free and not tested on animals, win win! Your own foundation can also be matte, oil free and enriched with added enhancements.
However, like the name suggests their main goal is to help you find a shade as individual as you!

Click here to view prices and full list of services.

The Process:
Appointments can be booked online for a group or an indivudal however being that I went to the Pacific Fair Mall on a Monday they were more than available to have an appointment with me right then and there. The Makeup Artist/Lipstick Inventer started by asking me about what sort of shade I was interested in and the base for my lipstick eg matte, creme, butter sheer, vegan or lipgloss. Of course I told her about my obsession for nudes so we started from there, I was also surprised to find the matte to be just the right amount of creaminess and not too dry for my lips. I wouldn’t label it a true matte but I believe it has the right amount of shine and matte formula that I love in a lipstick.

We then moved on to getting the shade right, having to play around with the colour a few times adding more pink and brown we eventually got a shade that I was happy with and that is a unique colour to add to my collection. It wasn’t the colour I initially wanted walking in but I decided on a colour two shades darker than my natural lip colour and to be honest I am glad I didn’t get the colour I initially had in my mind because truthfully I probably already have about 5 shades like it already (nude lipstick addict right here!).
Then moving on to scent I chose pink champagne, a popular scent I was told. Other scents they had included peach, cherry, vanilla, hazelnut and citrus.
A maximum of three additives could be chosen, mine were lip plumper, antioxidant (a vitamin enriched formula) and SPF.
Finally, my formula was recorded on their system, so I can repurchase the ‘Caitlin’ lipstick whenever I want. The hardest part for me was settling on a name, the staff member said she has heard it all, some I don’t think some would appreciate me typing on this blog post so I will let you use your imagination.
It took around 10 minutes for my lipstick to be set properly in the mould and I was told I had to keep it in a cool environment and not use it for 24 hours (which was torture!).


Customer Service:
I don’t want this blog post to turn into a harsh review and I certainly don’t like to spend too much time dwelling on the negative so I’ll keep this short and sweet. My customer service was in no way the most awful service I had ever received but it wasn’t one of the best either, unfortunately.
My excitement did not match my sales assistants, she seemed disinteretsed, stand offish and at times (I hate to say it) a little rude. I don’t at all think it was a personal attack on me, maybe she was just having a bad day?

My Final Thoughts:
I love the idea of having personalised makeup and I think the experiences vary depending on the location and the customer service received on any given day.
I am travelling to Sydney next week and might just stop into the Lip Lab in Paddington to see if my customer service experience is a more positive one.
Tip:Β Make sure to ask about the range of lipstick cases offered because it wasn’t something I was made aware of.

Knowing I could have my lipstick named whatever I wanted is also an added touch of individuality, I simply named mine ‘Caitlin’ (simple yet effective). However one thing I would have loved to see was a different label foremat, it is a sticker with my name written in blue texta on the bottom of the case. My label is now smudged because I managed to accidently place it on a slightly damp surface, I would love to see a computer generated label for the lipsticks in the near future (something I hope they are working on.) On the website, it also mentions you are given a written recipe of your lipstick, I called up and left a message last week in hopes someone could tell me my exact recipe over the phone so I could share it with you but nobody called me back.

If you are more than happy to spend $60 + on a lipstick don’t at all let my personal experience with underwhelming customer service leave doubts with you. In my opinion for any makeup lover out there it is still a service and experience worth having at least once in your lifetime. I love my lipstick shade just as I hope you do to if you visit a Lip Lab near you!


  1. March 23, 2017 / 8:41 am

    Customer service is so important isn’t it? It can change a customers perspective so easily, it’s horrible! I heard about this via Dina Tokio and instantly fell in love. I wonder if there is one around Melbourne so I could give it a try! Your shade is gorgeous, I love nude’s as well! If you do find out about the recipe, I’d love to own my own “Caitlin” lipstick too πŸ˜›


      March 30, 2017 / 3:39 am

      I don’t think there is one in Melbourne yet but if you happen to find out let me know!
      Customer service is soooooo important! And unfortunately they never got back to me when I called -.- But I think a nude colour similiar to that will suit you so well πŸ™‚ xxxx

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