February Escape

Sometimes the most anticipated getaways are the ones we need the most, to not only get some much needed R&R but to also discover an excitement to return home to do what we love the most. I am a regular trip taker and until very recently I discovered a craving to return home from my vacations early. A year ago I would have been clenching onto the hotel room door at check out screaming ‘please don’t make me leave!’

Don’t get me wrong, I had such an amazing time exploring Queensland and Byron Bay but there was this constant gnawing, a part of my brain was on the hunt for a perfect photo or some inspiration to create a new video or blog post; an urge to tell a story. I finally feel at peace with the direction I am taking and how I spend my free time or more so, my urge to want to fill my free time with writing and story telling. A deeper part of me also has other directions it wants to take, I still don’t entirely know what those are yet, but I am having so much fun desiphering my map.

Palm Cove Reef House:
Somewhere in the middle of Port Douglas (lovers town) and Cairns (backpackers central) is Palm Cove, a quiet little spot full of restaurants and boutique resorts.
Raining on and off most days I spent our time here sparingly and ventured off in a rented car alot. The little time spent at the Reef House was for a few drinks, some self-reflecting and hot stone massages, oh and a few lessons in Polish from a waiter at breakfast.

Paronella Park:
The history of this park is so inspiring and gave me such an overwhelming sense of empowerment just being there.
An amusement park built in the 1930s by a Spanish immigrant in the middle of a rainforest. A man with a profession as a pastry chef and no experience in architecture, landscaping or construction built a legacy and a legend that is still celebrated and lives on decades later.
Some described him as a slave to the park and his life as sad, as history goes he worked himself to death. I personally think his story is beautiful, the man had a passion and a drive that was and is hard to come by. He died doing what he loved and worked to build something that filled his heart.
Next time you doubt your ability to follow your dreams think again.

Byron Bay:
An hour drive from the Gold Coast to Byron Bay in NSW was a fun and scorching hot day out! The hour time difference between the two cities blew my (and the GPS’) mind. A city full of surfers and free spirits, alternative, funky little hipsters cafes and gorgeous views.
Dress code of #freethenip, no shoes and topless men are more than welcome here.

Thanks for stopping by! Kocham cie! (‘I love you’ in Polish)

All photos shot with the Olympus Pen EPL8


  1. February 22, 2017 / 7:25 am

    beautiful right up babe and the images you took are stunning ! I hope you had a wonderful time even though you couldn’t wait to go home


    • February 22, 2017 / 7:26 am

      I can’t even spell haha *write*

      • caitie.pawlowski@gmail.com
        February 26, 2017 / 5:53 am

        Haha its okay Michaela! Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this and comment, I had a great time even though I was ready to come home.
        Appreciate you girrrrrl x

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