The Perfect Entry Level Designer Item To Buy Right Now!

A scarf is a staple for most especially in Winter but have you ever rocked a scarf in Summer? Now I know what you’re probably thinking,  ‘it seems like a pointless purchase, I may wear it a few times but would I really wear it enough to make it worthwhile?’ this thought probably doesn’t excite you very much at all. Well what if I told you, you could invest in a scarf that can be worn multiple ways, with multiple outfits to truely experience the feeling of a great ‘cost per wear investment piece’. If this doesn’t yet excite you what if I told you this scarf could be something as luxurious as silk and Louis Vuitton branded (ooo la la how chic!) and if high-end pieces aren’t something you are interested in then you can achieve these multiple looks with any type of scarf, hell you could source the material and make one yourself for under $10! I also have a complimentary style guide on different ways to style a scarf all year round that you can download at the bottom of this post. I think I have your attention now, so let’s get into it!
For me, this scarf can be worn 5+ different ways, 180 days a year through the Summer and Spring time (give or take) and will cost you $220 AUD.
My scarf (bandeau) featured in this lookbook.

LOOK ONE: A Neck Tie (scarf)



LOOK FOUR: A Headband

LOOK FIVE: A Bracelet

Download the free Scarf Styling Guide here!


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