Top 5 MUST HAVE Summer Skincare Products

1. Mecca Cosmetica- To Save Face Superscreen SPF50
30ml $18AUD
75ml $40AUD

My first must have skincare item is quite evidently a sunscreen, if it wasn’t how trustworthy would this blog post even be? Sunscreen isn’t just for Summer though, it should be applied to the face year round. For the hotter days, I turn up my SPF a notch to 50.  Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face sunscreen is my personal favourite at the moment, I find it light and breathable for my skin. In my experience, I can wear it as a moisturiser or on top of my daily moisturiser and I find it doesn’t clog my skin or cause breakouts but guides my skin along the path of a youthful looking future with minimal sun damage.   Buy Here

2. By Terry- Serum Terrybly Sunbooster
50ml $133AUD

I know the thought of paying this much for a serum to some is totally ridiculous and before I purchased it I had my doubts also.  However, I find the cost per wear eases any discomfort I feel when I repurchase each year. I find this tube will almost last me the whole Summer, I use it in the morning to replace my regular serum. This sun booster serum is a natural sun tanner and provides me with a nice glowing complexion. The ingredients used in this help to naturally produce up to 10x the amount of melanin your skin naturally produces and pushes it to the surface layer of the skin. I’m not going to lie it took me some time to fall in love with this product because like my fake tanner I use I expected immediate results. It took about 9-14 days for me to notice a real difference in my facial colouring and although my face isn’t the same colour as my fake tanned body I can say it definitely has improved from the ‘I look deathly ill’ pale to an ‘oops I spent an hour in the sun without applying sunscreen to my face’ look.(minus the dehydration, damage and added wrinkles but just a nice colour change and added radiance, you know?) Religiously everyday I wear some sort of skincare with sunscreen but not everyday do I wear foundation so even though I know this product won’t be for everyone, I enjoy the luxury splurge and added confidence when my face doesn’t look as white as this page.   Buy Here

3. Guerlain- Terracotta Sun Serum
26ml $81.50AUD

Much like the By Terry serum I find this to be a splurge but if you’re like me and have trouble keeping a sun tan you spent days building you will appreciate this one. Much like the Terrybly Sunbooster it accelerates the production of melanin and adds a healthy glow to my skin. I don’t apply this daily however after I notice a natural tan has developed or while on a tropical or Summer holiday I like to apply it and find it extends and deepens my tan. The one downside I find with this product is the gel-like consistency makes it hard at times for it to disperse out of the drop applicator. I am so used to drop applicators with oils that release so easily but with this occasionally I have to pump the dropper and squeeze it a few times to release the serum. It is quick and easy to mix in with my daily moisturiser after a morning shower. I apply 1-2 drops to my arms mixed with my moisturiser followed by another 1-2 drops to legs and any left over product I will apply to stomach, back etc. Buy Here

4. Endota Spa- Rosehip and Inca Inchi Treatment Body Oil
120ml $40AUD

I love body oil all year round but I find it extra helpful in Summer after a long day in the sun to rehydrate my skin or prolong any fake tan that I may have on whilst trying to build a real one. I highly recommend an oil for the Summer months and it doesn’t necessarily have to be this one I mentioned however I HIGHLY recommend one containing Rosehip oil. Not only is Rosehip oil great for hydration it contains a natural of omega 3,6 and 9 and these fatty acids repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue. Rosehip oil is full of antioxidants which lessen the appearance of pigmentation, discoloration and uneven skin tone. The vitamin C also found in Rosehip oil has brightening properties because who doesn’t love a glowy, healthy complexion?  Buy Here

5. Banana Boat- Soothing After Sun Gel
237ml $13.85AUD

Last but not least a trusty after sun soothing gel deserves a worthy mention and I am sure has saved almost every one of you from looking and feeling like a tomato. If you don’t already use or have on hand the Soothing After Sun Gel stop what you are doing right this second and go get one.. or at least make sure you buy one before your next day at the beach (okay I sound like a mum now but you get the point) The best part about an after sun gel is they are found at almost everything grocery, drug store or pharmacy so they are incredibly easy to get your hands on. I like to keep mine in the fridge for a more intense relief to sunburn and I also find they come in handy when I burn myself on a curling iron.  Buy Here


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    These looks totally amazing.

      January 24, 2017 / 8:49 am

      Aw thankyou, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this! x

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