5 Products to keep your Summer Makeup Flawless

1. By Terry Baum de Rose- Nutri- Couleur
7g $73AUD
Available in 8 shades

Considered both a makeup and skincare product, Baum de Rose is known as pure luxury for the lips. An addition to the By Terry Baum de Rose line these tinted balms are perfect for Summer, they add colour whilst providing the lips with the necessary boost of hydration and protection from the harsh sun. Rich and creamy in texture, these can be worn alone or layered on top of a lipstick for a glossy finish. I find I tend to steer more towards glosses and balms in Summer as I keep my makeup more minimal on hot days. These lip balms are the perfect addition to your ‘no makeup’ makeup look or summertime glam as the colour I have, Rosey Babe gives me that ‘my lips but better’ vibe.

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2. Stila- Stay all Day Illuminating HD Beauty Balm
40ml $57AUD

This durable balm is a staple for me in the Summer time. This product is unlike any other, it’s almost as if my best foundation and tinted moisturiser had a baby and that baby was unstoppable, tough and on steroids (am I painting a good picture for you?). I use it at the beach, at the gym if I am having a self-conscious skin day or mixed with the Stay All Day HD Bronzed Beauty Balm to darken the formula and add more coverage. Unfortunately, the only downside I see in this product is their lack of colour range, just one shade. However, I still felt like it deserved a mention because it is water resistant, has an SPF of 30 and when mixed with other products as mentioned above I can find my perfect colour the darker my skin becomes over the season.
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3. Cover FX- Custom Cover Drops

This revolutionary makeup game changer has made foundation, BB cream and Tinted Moisturisers an ease for me and I wanted to share it with you. As you all know, your skin naturally lightens and darkens depending on the seasons and how much you expose yourself to the sun. When I use to work at a makeup counter I used to have countless customers who would return with every change of season (sometimes multiple times in one season) needing a new foundation and colour match because their skin had lightened or darkened. Having 4-6 different foundations for some is just an overload and that is why I absolutely love these Custom Cover Drops. They can be added to any liquid product to alter the colour and they are highly pigmented, 1-2 drops can not only dramatically alter the shade but also the coverage. These drops are originally marketed to alter the level of coverage but I also use mine when I need to darken my Winter foundations.

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4. Inglot- Freedom System Mattifying System 3S Pressed Powder Round Colour 301
5g $32AUD

Now I know the name might sound like a mouthful and incredibly complex but trust me, this powder is just as easy to apply as any other you may own. Inglot’s mattifying powder is a must for me all year round but especially in Summer. I naturally have an oily t-zone but in summer my t-zone can sometimes resemble a freshly oiled baking tray (not even kidding). After one swipe with this on a powder brush I look as if I just applied my makeup, any sign of wear due to oiliness is nonexistent. I prefer the transparent ‘white’ powder the most out of the 6 shades because I can wear it year round no matter what shade I am and it adds no extra coverage to my face. Personally, the pressed form is more convenient for me as it makes the product more portable.

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5. Eve Lom- Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser
48g $77AUD

This was the hardest decision for me to make because I love so many different tinted moisturisers and hold so many in such a high regard. After trolling through my makeup cupboard, doing some serious self-reflection and analysing as to my most used, I decided on Eve Lom Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser. It comes in 12 shades with an SPF of 15 and a power load of coverage. It can be built from a light to a medium coverage and blurs imperfections instantly with more coverage. If I am looking for added fuller coverage I simply finish with a pressed powder. It adds instant radiance without unwanted shine and I personally find it to be very breathable. Eve Lom being a highly regarded skincare brand, it is no surprise they added skin care benefits to their makeup line too. When using the Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser you can also feel at ease knowing this product is working to lighten and reduce pigmentation, hydrate, nourish and repair and assist in UVA/UVB protection.

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