OH! The Possibilities are endless!

There is something oh so magical about the first month of Summer when the days and nights finally become consistent (goodbye nasty Spring surprises!). It is so nice to wake up every morning to a warm day, there is very little need to check the weather report when Summer is in full swing; you know what to expect, clear skies, a high temperature with a likely chance of a fabulous wardrobe.

I love the versatility and variety that Summer brings to my wardrobe, don’t you?
Colours, patterns, prints, fabrics- the possibilities are endless! Will I wear a sun dress? Maxi, midi or mini? A skirt and a blouse? Or maybe a cute pair of high waisted shorts with a lace singlet? Oh and I can’t forget the shoes! Don’t even get me started on the sunglasses and handbag of choice. Being my favourite season of the year, I experiment so much more with my outfit choices and don’t ever seem to find myself in a rut like I do in Winter (black this black that, sweater, jeans, boots blah blah blah)  I really need to step up my Winter fashion game, for my fellow fashion lovers in the northern hemisphere, do you have any tips?


This outfit took me from an afternoon basketball game where my home team took home the win, to cocktails overlooking the cityscape- Saturday well spent.

These faux leather shorts were found at a local fashion market a few months ago and are Runaway the Label, I always feel so proud wearing Australian fashion labels!
This Hermes bracelet is almost permanently attached to my wrist in Winter time because I am almost always in black (bad habit I know) so when Summer comes around I love to show it some love.
The Chanel Quilted Cavier Classic handbag… well it is still to this day my most expensive luxury purchase but what an investment it was! Need I say more?
Both the Elizabeth and James blouse and Tamara Mellon sandals were purchased on Net a Porter (I live for their sales! Thanks to the annual and Cyber Monday sale this year).

There are some who say that black should never be worn in Summer. I simply can’t live with any rules when it comes to fashion, it’s so restrictive. I used to place so many rules on what I could and couldn’t ‘pull off’ and it was the worst! I felt as if I was in a love/hate relationship with a control freak who wouldn’t let me do anything without consulting them first and that’s no way to live. So I ditched the rules and societies and my own expectations I had of myself because after all fashion is all just a bit of fun- it was a Saturday after all.

Question: Are there any unwritten rules or restrictions you place on yourself when it comes to your outfit choices?
Challenge: I challenge you to step outside of at least ONE of your unwritten fashion rules and live dangerously (but when I say dangerously I am not referring to nudist runs or anything crazy, I don’t want you to get arrested or hurt yourself)


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